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Web IFSP Intake Form

Rachael Putman 2/25/10 Hello, This question is in regards to closing out the Web IFSP Intake form. The only reasons listed to close out the form are: Parent(s) declines consent for evaluation for eligibility determination / informational only, Parent(s) withdraw consent for evaluation and/or IFSP completion. No further action in Early ACCESS, Parent(s) signed consent for evaluation and the evaluation determined this child 'Not Eligible' for EA services, Family moved / Unable to locate family, or Death of child. What if a child passes all areas of screening - No Further Action required? How do we close the Intake out in the WEB IFSP? The options to close listed above do not really apply to a child passing a screening. Also, what if a child is screened, and the team recommends a re-screen? Then how do we proceed? If you do not check any of the Case Closure options, then the Intake End Date will NOT show up on the top of the screen, so there isn't any way you can close out. Also, if the child passes all areas, should we even put a date in on the bottom of the Intake screen (underneath the notes and case closure section)? We were told that date was to be used if any of the Case Closure options were checked. We'll hold our paperwork until we hear back from you. Thank you, Rachael Putman AEA 1
Dee Gethmann 4/1/10 The Uniform Data Entry Procedures document for "Consent and Eligibility Determination, Part C Data Entry Procedures" states that only children who are being evaluated for initial placement into Part C services will have data entered per this procedure. Therefore, only the children in which parents have signed consent for evaluation are to be entered into IMS. The Uniform Data Entry Procedures can be found at: http://www.iowaidea.org/pages/uploaded_files/Uniform%20Procedure%20-%20Consent%20and%20Eligibility.DOC



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