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Intake/Referral for Child Who Doesn't Qualify for Early ACCESS

Donna Dannar 4/6/10 This question comes in response to information shared at our IMS User's meeting held today, April 6, 2010. Below is a question & response regarding the data entry of intake/referral date in the Eligibility Module for a child that doesn't qualify for Early Access services (dated 2/23/09). When we had our training on the Eligibility Module, we were told to only enter data in this module for children who go to an initial IFSP, so none that didn't qualify have been entered here (but we do enter the that info in the intervention module). Based on the information shared today, we are supposed to enter the intake date for children who are found ineligible for Early Access service, but there would be no initial IFSP meeting date and so the 45 day timeline would be of no relevance here, correct? And, since it's the date of the initial IFSP meeting that "closes" out the student, records of this nature(where the child didn't qualify)would never appear to be "closed out", would they? So I'm back to when and why did this change and is it required or optional? Early ACCESS Child Doesn't Qualify Patti Brown 02/23/2009 08:21 AM I have a student who did not qualify for early access services. My question is when a date is entered on the eligibility screen to begin the 45 days, how do we close that out if the student does not qualify. Usually cases do not get this far, but teacher was under the impression student would qualify. Thank you. Dee Gethmann 02/23/2009 11:25 AM The date of the initial IFSP Meeting will be used to close out the student. The IFSP meeting is used to calculate the data for the 45 day timeline. However, IMS does not have a field on the Consent and Eligibility Module for Part C to enter data for a referral that is closed prior to completion of the evaluation and/or the initial IFSP meeting. The Bureau does not report these data in our federal reporting so these data are not being collected on IMS at this time. However, the IFSP Team documents the reasons for case closure on the IFSP Templates, and it will be information collected on the Web-Based IFSP in the future. At this time, IMS is working on programming for the web IFSP and necessary changes to the IMS data system. Therefore, the DE is not requesting a change in the IMS Consent and Eligibility Screen to capture data for case closure that occurs without holding an IFSP Meeting since we are not currently reporting them in our reports.
Dee Gethmann 4/6/10 The Early ACCESS Procedures, March 2009, state that eligibility for Early ACCESS is determined at the Initial IFSP Meeting on page 5-1 of the manual. Therefore, there is an initial IFSP meeting date that is used to determine meeting the 45 day timeline requirements. In addition, the Early ACCESS Procedures Manual addresses procedures for when a child is not eligible in Section 5, pgs 5-10 through 5-11. The Service Coordinator is responsible for completing and turning in IFSP forms, of which one is the Meeting Details that would indicate “not eligible.” The DE realizes that there is not a field on the Consent and Eligibility Screen to document that the child is/not eligible for case closure (as it does Part B); however, the Web IFSP has the capacity to collect intake/referral and case closure on all children, regardless of eligibility.



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