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Minutes in a School Day


Mary Keul



This question is regarding the minutes in a school day. In IMS, under building set-up, we put the beginning time and the ending time. This generates the minutes on the web IEP that can be edited on the web IEP. Several of our school districts have early out or late starts one day a week. Another one of our school districts will have longer days throughout the school year in order have a 4 day week throughout the winter months. If we enter the beginning times and the ending times without taking into account the early outs, late starts, or 4 day weeks through the winter, it will not accurately reflect the actual minutes of the week or year and will impact the LRE on the web IEP side. My question is, should we add the total minutes for the week or year and divide it by the amount of days to determine the average minutes per day, or continue to add the actual beginning time and ending time of the majority of the days in IMS knowing the LRE will not pull accurately on the web IEP?
Kiersten Hensley 12/21/10 Since this is a situation that is district-specific, I am working directly with them rather than posting the answer here.



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