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Paraprofessional Assistance under "Supplementary Aids and Services"

Mary Jo Nordheim 2/14/11 When a services page lists paraprofessional assistance under "Supplementary Aids and Services", no code shows up under Support Services on that page. They did not put any minutes in under the "Minutes in Settings" column, but listed minutes under the Time/Frequency/when provided line. Do we enter that paraprofessional in IMS? Or do they have it listed wrong on the IEP?
Kiersten Hensley 2/16/11 On the F page, when entering paraprofessional services under "Supplementary Aids and Services", the Type needs to be changed to "Service- No LRE Minutes".  Then the proper code related to the services provided by the paraprofessional can be chosen from the list- either PP or TA.  



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