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Help from Classroom Associate, Code OB?

Jean Borgerding 3/23/11

We currently use PP for Medicaid billable services (behavior and medical) for kids with a one-on-one associate with minutes on the  IEP.  We currently use TA for non-Medicaid billable service (academics) for kids with one-on-one associate with minutes on the IEP.  May we use the code OB for kids that receive help from the classroom associate as needed (no minutes assigned) per IEP?   Our district would like to pull that info also.  Thanks.

Kiersten Hensley 7/25/11 You may use the OB code, as long as it is a Medicaid billable service.  If it is not a Medicaid billable service, you will need to use TA, regardless of the status of minutes or no minutes attached.



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