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Where in the manual is supplementary assistance being used for weighting a student?

Sharon Wagner 9/14/11 I have been trying to research the manual for the instance where supplementary assistance is properly used for weighting a student and have had no luck.  The manual does not word search properly.  Can you direct me to where in the manual a data entry person can learn about this topic?
David Happe 12/13/11

By design, the manual says very little about weighting.  It was the determination of the Directors several years ago that weighting is an internal, administrative procedure as opposed to a procedure related to identifying and serving kids.  The manual is not intended for those administrative procedures.  The Documentation Guide (page 135) says:


Weighted Enrollment Factor

The assignment of an appropriate weighted enrollment factor to the specially designed instruction and related services provided by school districts in accordance with an eligible individual's IEP is the responsibility of the AEA Director of Special Education.

41.402(1) Director of special education.  The director shall be responsible for the implementation of special education for eligible individuals pursuant to Iowa Code section 273.5 and these rules.  The director's powers and duties shall include:

c. Assigning appropriate weights for each child requiring special education programs or services as provided in Iowa Code...

This responsibility is typically delegated by the AEA Director of Special Education.  Follow your specific AEA's process for determining who assigns the weighted enrollment factor.

All AEAs utilize the matrix on the following page to guide decision making.


The matrix on 136 includes a column for supplementary aids and services, but only specifically mentions assistive technology and paraprofessionals/teacher associates.  The term “supplementary aids and services” is much broader and means aids, services, and other supports that are provided in regular education classes, other education–related settings, and in extracurricular and nonacademic settings, to enable children with disabilities to be educated with nondisabled children to the maximum extent appropriate.

AEAs may determine a weighting “off the matrix” in unusual circumstances, and weightings when unique supplementary aids and services needs are present are sometimes determined differently than strictly following the matrix.  All AEAs use the matrix and have used a common training, but beyond that it is best to inquire within one’s AEA for guidance about process and individual student decisions.



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