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February 7, 2012; Data Entry Personnel Meeting Notes

February 28, 2012 updated: Post Meeting Notes, Testing Plan

◊  Topics

  ♦  Follow up with Districts Piloting Tuition In Billing

  ♦  Regarding the Release of Iowa IDEA  

  ♦  Testing Plan

  ♦  Full Time/Part Time


◊  Announcements

  ♦  Enrollment Data Verification Reports.  Even if the person listed who updated a record is no longer employed by your AEA or district, the record still needs to be researched and corrected, if appropriate.  Please identify who in your AEA will be responsible for those records so they aren’t overlooked.

  ♦   Attention Primary Data Entry Personnel- Printing of Reports.  In the feedback provided in the 2011 Special Education Enrollment Count Survey, one person asked for training on how to print reports.  Since printing reports may vary from AEA to AEA, please check with the data entry personnel in your AEA to make sure they know how to print reports. 

  ♦  2011 Special Education Enrollment Count Survey Results.  Thanks to all who provided input on the survey for the 2011 Special Education Enrollment Count.  The Center will incorporate as many of the suggestions as possible into next year’s count or even before.

  ♦  Special Education Statewide Procedures.  The January 15, 2012 version of the Manual, Documentation Guide and Release Notes has been posted on www.iowa.org.  At this time, those documents display on the front page of the web site.  They are always available in the section IEP; subsection: Special Education Statewide Procedures.


◊  Link(s)

  ♦  Click here (updated 2/27/12) for meeting notes details.

        > Questions or Comments from LEAs and AEAs submitted BY January 20th, prepared for the February 7th, 2012 meeting.  

        > Questions or Comments from LEAs and AEAs submitted AFTER January 20th - February 7th, 2012.

        > Uniform Data Entry Procedures: Services

        > Uniform Data Entry Procedures: Tuition In Billing

        >  Uniform Data Entry Procedures: State ID

        >  Description of Enrollment Reports

        >  Regarding the Release of Iowa IDEA, phase I and II

        >  Testing Plan for Web IEP, Child Find, IMS and Web IFSP (updated 2/28/12)




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