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Change Resident District to Iowa Foster Care?

Jane Buchheim 10/3/12 A child is living in foster care in District B and attending school in District B, but the mother, who was living in District A, moved to out of state during the summer (the father’s whereabouts are unknown).  Should District B change the resident district to State of Iowa Foster Care? DHS is guardian.

Dee Gethmann 

John Lee


The district in which the biological parent (biological father) lives is the “district of residence”.  However, if DHS is not able to determine the whereabouts of the father, the resident district is the district that counted the student on the previous year’s special education count or, if no district counted the students, the State.

If the father cannot be located in an Iowa district for this October’s count (2012) then the child needs to be changed to a “Child in Foster Care” (9889 resident district for IMS). Then no district will generate funds for 2013-14.  However the costs of 2012-13 will be placed on the district who counted the child in October of 2011 (generating funds for 2012-13).



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