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Resident district, currently in foster home, awaiting adult group home

Patti Brown 10/3/12

A student returned from residential placement out of state.  She is currently living in a foster home awaiting placement in an adult group home.  She is over 18 years of age.  Parents are believed to live in District C. If the parents still have rights, would her resident district would be District C?

Also, once she is placed in the adult residential facility, what would her resident district become?  The placement will be in District D.

Foster mother has confirmed that when the student turned 18, she petitioned the courts and became independent.  She is moving into an adult group home next week.  Would her resident district be District D?  If so, would that be effective on her 18th birthday in August 2012?


Dee Gethmann 

John Lee

10/9/12 The resident district is determined based upon where her parents reside.  This is not dependent upon her age of 18.  Therefore, the district of residence is currently and remains District C. She is served by the district where the group home is located. Therefore, her attending district is District D.



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