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Enter an 'Exit' IEP on Student Moving Out of State?


Joanie Finck 12/12/12 Is it necessary (or even advisable) to do an 'Exit' IEP on a student when they move out of state, and are continuing in Special Education? I have noticed an Exit IEP recently that was done for a student moving out of state, with a code of MSK. I always thought the Exit was for Exits of all special educational services, which in this case would not apply. I looked through the Special Education Procedures Manual, and the Web-IEP manual, and I can't find anything specifically says what to do when a student moves out of state. But the Final Exit form DOES allow the MSK code to be used. Is this something that needs changed in the Web IEP system? Will this cause problems in the Web IEP system if the kid moves back? (Some of this questions pertains to procedures, and some does pertain to programming, but need the first part answered first.)
Dee Gethmann 12/20/12 Yes, a student on an IEP that moves out of state must be exited.  The exit code would be: MSK - Moved Residence - Another State, Known to be continuing.  If the student with an IEP transfers back to Iowa from another state, the new district, in consultation with the parent, must provide FAPE to the child including services comparable to those described in the student’s IEP from the previous school in the other state. See page 183: Transfers from Another State in the Special Education Procedures.






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