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Summary of Levels of Security and Permissions in New System

Posted on May 24, 2013

The following is a summary of the levels of security and permissions in the new system.

Levels of Security

Levels of security have been modified from the current system.  To see a description of the Security Levels, go to /vnews/display.v/ART/50ec32138f60d and click on the link Security Levels (revised January 16).
Some additional information about security levels in general include:
  • Other than Level 6, we are setting no limits on the number of people in an AEA who can be at a certain security level.
Here are some additional notes in regard to Level 6:
  • The Level 6 person(s) will also approve/disapprove bug reports and forward the appropriate ones onto Lisa.
  • The Level 6 person will have access to the tools Orphaned IEP and Student Merge.  The Orphaned IEP tool allows the user to edit the student ID and the Student Merge tool allows the user to merge records in the IEP application.  In order to diminish the possibility of someone using these tools in a careless or uninformed manner, we need to limit access. 
  • The Center will be providing specific training to the Level 6 personnel  (e.g. the meetings on the third Tuesday of the month).  The Level 6 personnel, in turn, will provide training to the other data entry personnel in the AEA.
  • Level 6 personnel will also have access to Lisa on after work hours, including weekends and holidays, for emergency situations.


Although some permissions are limited to a specific level of security (e.g. Level 6), many permissions are not.
A summary of the permissions for IEP, IFSP and IMS are contained on slides 9, 10 and 11 in the PowerPoint posted at /vnews/display.v/ART/513f436f83f0c.
Some additional comments about permissions:
  • The IEP Admin permission is tied to Level 6.  That is the only permission that is tied to a specific security level.
  • For those who have the IMS Admin Password History permission, this is state-wide access to password/login. We do not recommend giving this to all of the data entry persons. 
  • Instead, our recommendation is to teach service providers and others to use the “Forget your password” on the log-in screen to retrieve passwords, much like they have to do if they forget a password with their iTunes account or bank account.  Information on the “Forget your password” is contained on the video clip My Preferences.
  • In the IEP permissions, permission to Data Reports would include:
    • Nightly Exports
    • Associated Files Report
    • Change Services
    • Services Not Restarted
    • In the IEP permissions, permission to IEP admin also gives the person the ability to change assignments for the iPad mobile site (Goal Collaborator)
  • In the Staff Permissions within the IMS permissions:
    • No View (can’t setup permissions for Web IEP/IFSP/IMS)
    • View Only (can view permissions for Web IEP/IFSP/IMS)
    • Edit (can edit permissions for Web IEP/IFSP/IMS)
    • Add/Delete (can add/delete permission for Web IEP/IFSP/IMS)




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