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IEP Application: Important Information/Updates

Sent to Level 6 Admins on 9.12.13


1. Adding students to Web IEP (CF Elig) - This permission is only editable by Level 6 staff and should  be researched before changing.

Many of you have reported that you cannot 'add' a student back and get the Child Find option when students EDW (and stand alone IMS eligibility screen) from previous system has that the student didn't qualify, Parents declined, student moved, etc.  And in a few cases the student had more than one Child Find record and the first one might have been they did not qualify but the most recent had that they did qualify and you were being forced to add them using Child Find.  We have added a way for this to be updated in the new IMS that is available for anyone that has IMS access.  It is viewable on the Student Demo tab to the right of WEF.

This will need to be selected by you when contacted by staff after 'researched' so that staff can add students with the correct option.

If you select 'yes' then it will not show the 'add' feature on the Web IEP for Child Find (won't require an Initial). -  This could be used for a student that was evaluated in Iowa and moved and then were identified in another state and have moved in with an IEP (already in system).  Also, could be used for the student who had more than one CF record and was determined eligible (not exited but had a change code and no open services in IMS at rollover).

If you select 'no' it will show the 'add' feature on the Web IEP for Child Find (for those parents decline, etc.)

2. IEP Progress Monitoring Mobile App (please share with staff who utilize the IEP iPad progress monitoring app)

You may recall that Level 6 staff have access to a goal collaborator utility in the IEP application so they can add a new 'goal collaborator' on IEPs so it is viewable to the new providers (when the IEP is implemented/validated).  This will remain available and many of you have asked that this be added to a Level 6 training agenda.  I have added it to the October agenda.   Please note:  We have had some bug reports on the goal collaborator utility and are working on those.

Yesterday, we rolled over the ability for anyone with 'edit IEP' permission to edit the goal collaborator on each individual goal.  So, the new staff could update the collaborator to their name (similar to how they did in previous system only on individual goal instead of graph setup screen.  This will update the info and make it viewable from the IEP progress monitoring app on the iPad).

- Choose from the bank to change and then 'save' data on goal page.  This would need to be done for each individual goal.

3. Transfer E-mails being sent to service providers

You may recall that when transferring a student there was a transfer e-mail that was being sent to the 'current author and collaborators on goals'.  But this info is not updated based on roster changes and change providers.  So, we have turned this function off and will be looking at other options.

(#4 intentionally omitted)
5. Tab F - Service minutes exceed minutes in school day

If minutes on Tab F exceed the minutes in the school day staff will get the message below.  When they click 'ok' they will be taken back to the last entry of minutes so they can update. 


6. Tab F bug fixes
There were a couple of bugs fixed over the past few days on Tab F when trying to save and ending services.  If you are still experiencing issues with ending services please verify the service hasn't already been ended.
7. IEP Attending/Resident District radio button options on the 'Student List' permission

We have rolled over a permission (under IEP permissions) that Level 6 staff can give to districts so they have the radio buttons on the top of 'Student List' like Level 6+ currently see.  It will be up to you to assign this permission to districts.  This was intended for district staff who want to be able to view the students who are a Resident of their district but attending in another district.


8. Error this morning

There was a brief issue this morning where staff might have received the message below.  If there were bugs in the 'not started' queue with this error message reported we went in and removed the bugs as we had resolved the issue.  So, if you received an e-mail but couldn't find the bug report the reason is because we removed it.

Final note- when we rollover changes like 'resident/attending' permission or fix other bugs it sometimes causes other bugs.  I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Also, we are working on a resolution for the students that you are not able to add as 'move-in' option along with a fix for students who were exited in stand alone IMS with RRT, CPN, CAD, or CAD.  And also students who might have been exited from stand alone IMS in the past by entering an exit code but no IEP was completed. 



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