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Procedures for Entering Eligibility Information into Stand Alone


Chris Ask 02/6/14 I want to make sure the procedures for entering the Eligibility information into the Stand Alone are accurate and are uniform across the state. The End Child Find emails should be used to enter the data into the Stand Alone Eligibility screen. We would not enter in the Stand Alone the outcomes of; NDS-No Disability suspected. NSC-No signed consent received. CNS-Consent not sent to parents MUK- Moved Prior to eligibility determination, location unknown. MOS- Moved out of state prior to eligibility determination. We would enter in the Stand Alone the outcomes of; ENE- Evaluation but not eligible PDS -Eligible, parent declined services.

The IMS Data Summary would be used if the child is eligible for services. ERI-Eligible will receive IEP. There are several Agency reports that have the same data entered into the Stand Alone. Can the Agency Reports be utilized by the DE instead of capturing the data in the Stand Alone?

Lisa Lohman 03/12/14

The confusion for IMS data entry may be due to the fact that there is a way to "close out" Child Find records so they are removed from student lists when needed.  The following summarizes the codes in the new system and how they are to be treated in stand-alone IMS.


Part 1:


New System: The following codes are all end codes that help clean up the system if data are not entered within 60 days:


  • NDS - No Disability Suspected

  • NSC - No signed consent received

  • CNS - Consent not sent to parents

These codes prevent all the records the previous system had hanging out there. 


Stand-Alone IMS: None of the above codes are entered into stand-alone IMS.


Part 2:


New System: The following codes in the new system are used by the new system so it knows how to close out the record:

  • MUK-Moved prior to eligibility determination

  • MOS- Moved out of state prior to eligibility determination


Stand-Alone IMS:  Those records would be entered into stand alone as MO (just like they have in the past) in the 'Meeting Reason Not Held' field.


Part 3:


Some other items to note:

  • The ENE should be entered based on what is on the EDW which states NO (for not eligible) just like before. 

  • We no longer use the IMS data summary for the above end codes because the data is recorded on the EDW and there is not an IEP.

  • PDS does include an IMS data summary because there was an IEP started but there are no services.  So, the IMS data summary shows PD (parents declined services).

  • ERI codes would be entered as RI - (received IEP) just as before and this is on the EDW and IMS data summary because student is going onto IEP.

  • Also, agency exports for this data are used to not only show the records that are tracked for B11 data but also ones that are ended because data wasn't entered timely and the record was closed out by the system.  The agency exports show this in order to assist if staff ask 'what happened to this student, they are no longer on my list'.




In short, data that gets entered in stand-alone has not changed since the release of the new system.  Keep entering the same data into stand-alone.


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