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2015-2016 Answers to Questions About EA Procedures

Annual Review meetings procedure

Christine Skaala


Can an Annual Review meeting be done/held over the phone? Say family has sick kiddos, possible hospitalization, etc and mom/dad are willing to take a phone call to hold mtg. Mail/email forms to sign/return and then done? I tried to look in Procedure manual and couldn't find that it stated one way or the other for holding it face-to-face or phone/conference call. The "meeting held" boxes appear only on a Periodic which does include conference call. Is there a different rule for phone call mtgs for Annual Review vs Periodic Review? Thank you for your time on this!


Cindy Weigel


Annual meetings cannot be held by phone.  Required participants for a face-to-face initial and annual meetings are parent(s), SC, person/persons directly involved in conducting initial or annual eval and assessments, people providing services.  However, person(s) who conducted evaluation may participate through other means such as a conference call, having a knowledgeable person attend in their place or providing pertinent records.  Iowa Administrative Rules are below:

120.343(1) Initial and annual IFSP team meeting.

                a.            Each initial meeting and each annual IFSP team meeting to evaluate the IFSP must include the following participants:

                (1)          The parent or parents of the child...(2-3 are optional)

                (4)          The service coordinator designated by the public agency to be responsible for implementing the IFSP.

                (5)          A person or persons directly involved in conducting the evaluations and assessments in rule 281—120.321(34CFR303).

                (6)          As appropriate, persons who will be providing early intervention services under this chapter to the child or family.

                b.            If a person listed in subparagraph 120.343(1)“a”(5) is unable to attend a meeting, arrangements must be made for the person’s involvement through other means, including one of the following:

                (1)          Participating in a telephone conference call.

                (2)          Having a knowledgeable authorized representative attend the meeting.

                (3)          Making pertinent records available at the meeting.

If you cannot meet to hold the annual close to the annual due date, make a comment in your log notes as to family circumstances for delay.


IT code explanation guide

Gale Randall


Is there a guiding document clarifying/explaining each IT code?






Initial delivery procedure

Kate Small


Does first delivery need to be face to face? Can methods such as email, phone calls, or skype count as first delivery of services?


Cindy Weigel


First service delivery of Early ACCESS services must be delivered person-to-person.  This would include home visits, Skype-like programs, and other video conferencing programs.  It does not include email, phone calls and texts.  Methods other than in person at a home visit should be considered only when there is no provider available in the natural environment.  The decision to participate in these alternative methods is an IFSP team decision based on the family's needs, not based on the needs of a provider.


Languages available for EA Procedural Safeguards

Diane Zaerr Brenneman


Are Procedural Safeguards available in Haitian Creole translation?


Cindy J. Weigel


No they are not.  The 11 languages available are:
Hakka Chin


What to enter for families with no email address

Tamara Naylor


What are we to enter on the family page under email when a family does not have an address? Thank you.


Meghan Wolfe


Please enter noemail@ifsp.org in the email field on the Family Page in the IFSP when the family does not have an email address.


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