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Exit From Part C at Annual Review

Joan Hohl


1.  I have 2 children that have their Annual Reviews; but are also being exited from Part C at the same time. I am confused; I am no longer going to be providing EA Services--but do I still need to have the parent sign 'Consent for EA Services' and the 'Consent to Bill Medicaid'? (even though it seems unnecessary at the time???) Please advise!!!

2.  Regarding parent signatures of 'Consent for Services' and 'Consent to Bill Medicaid'--in one case the child is transitioning to Part B(an IEP for ECSE) and in the other case, child will be receiving services from Early Head Start. Are these 2 cases handled the same? (re: signatures on consents)




 Meghan Wolfe 


1.  If the child is exiting on the date of the Annual Review, EA services will not continue and therefore there is no need to have the Consent for EA Services and the Consent to Bill Medicaid signed.  If the child is not exiting at the annual review date and EA services will continue for any period of time after the annual review, then both consents are needed.


2.  The cases are handled the same.  The consents are only applicable to Early ACCESS services, therefore it doesn't matter where child is transitioning.



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