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Page Locking

December 11, 2008

Pages are locked when a consumer with edit permission accesses them. This forces all other accesses to the page to be ‘Read Only’ while the lock is in place. 

The lock on a given page is released when any of the following occur:

  • Navigation to a different page (current lock released, new lock set)
  • Navigation to the Student List (current lock released)
  • Navigation to IEP Overview (current lock released)
  • Navigation to the IEP Main Menu (current lock released)
  • Log Off (link in upper right corner of the application framework)

Exiting the program by any of the options below will not release locks:

  • Quitting the browser by use of File … Exit
  • Quitting the browser by clicking on the red X in upper right corner
  • Quitting the active tab in which the Web IEP is running by using the X on the tab
  • Accessing another web site, such as with a bookmark, while logged into Version 5

In addition, if the browser session is terminated for any reason, regardless of consumer activity, the lock will remain in place.  This can happen when the internet burps, a router in a local building hangs, or any other number of IP service issues occur.  For this reason, we have a process that examines the page locks every hour, looking for locks over two hours old.  Those locks are then released.  The down side of this would be if we released the lock and the person was actually working on the page and the ‘Save’ed the changes.  Since the lock was released prior to the save, another user could have accessed the page and already saved other changes.  (The likelihood of this happening is small, but in a system with 9,000+ users it probably does occur.)

When reviewing these bug reports, it is apparent that people believe they are logging off properly.  There is one consideration, however, that is seldom considered.  We do know there is password sharing occurring.  It is possible that a login is occurring with a consumer using a shared password and while one person using that password logs off properly, perhaps another person using the same password did not log off properly.

In any case, if you have Admin access, you can remove individual locks by going to Admin and utilizing the choice “Locked Pages”. 




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