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NEW! News Update Group for Web IFSP Administrators

June 26, 2009

As you are aware, our standard practice has been to allow people to self subscribe to News Updates for www.iowaidea.org.  The notion is that people would only sign up for the group to which they "belonged".  In most cases, this has worked satisfactorily.  

There are times that we wish to send information out only to the people who have been identified as the web IFSP administrator(s) for the AEA as the information is very specific to your role in supporting and training the web ISP.  Therefore, a New Update list has been created just for the people whose names are listed on the Web IEP contact list in www.iowaidea.org (http://www.iowaidea.org/vnews/display.v/ART/47fbddec5d570). 

Here are a few details regarding this new News Group:

  • Unlike the other News Groups, you do not need to sign up for this one.  This News Group will be maintained by the CPC staff.  
  • The CPC will use this "restricted" News Group to notify you of information that is specifically written for web IEP administrators.
  • Even though e-mail notifications will go to a small group of individuals, the information that is posted will be available to anyone who goes to the site and looks up information posted under the section "For Web IFSP Administrators".
  • There may be times that we still use the "unrestricted" web IFSP administrator news group.  It is anticipated that the "unrestricted" web IFSP administrator news group will be used less frequently than the "restricted" group.

In short, we will use the "restricted" News Group for web IFSP administrators to target our communications about postings on www.iowaidea.org.  Information will be "pushed" out to this restricted group.  However, information that is posted will be available to anyone who "searches" www.iowaidea.org.

If you have any questions about this "restricted" News Group, please contact Lisa at llohman@gwaea.org


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