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A big picture look at the Family Information section. To view more photos,click on icon.

Alpha Testing of Web IFSP

Representatives from Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Education and the AEA web IFSP administrators met on July 14 – 15 in Cedar Rapids to participate in the alpha testing of the web IFSP application.  These 18 people tested the following items, all related to input:

  • Entering Intake/Referral data
  • Assigning service coordination
  • Creating Initial, Periodic and Annual IFSPs
  • Exiting a child from Early ACCESS
  • Creating a transition

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Kirby, Lisa and Linda talk about the alignment of the application with the IFSP process while Tonia investigates a feature in the web IFSP.

Even though some bugs were found, the testers had the following to say about the application:

"The bits that are still broken are clearly overshadowed by what's working better than what we are currently working with."  

"The new IFSP program has been thoughtfully designed with many functional as well as aesthetically pleasing elements which will enhance the user's ability to interact and produce better quality IFSPs."

"I hear from people within Early ACCESS that the amount of IFSP paperwork is overwhelming.  The web IFSP will help address this concern.  It moves Iowa closer to dealing less with paperwork and working more with infants, toddlers and their families."

"The format for this testing - in person, with several signatory agencies present, allowed for beneficial discussion and learning for those of us who are new to the IFSP."

"The potential really shines through."

"The tab design of the IFSP is easy to follow and we believe it will be very user friendly for Early ACCESS providers."

"The IFSP 2009 program is very good.  Less errors and some very nice features!"

"I like the load buttons in the Outcomes and Evaluation tabs so that you only see one field and can view most of the text we type"

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Lisa and Louise work on an issue while Linda, Joanie and Ken enter a fictitious child into the application.

So, what is next? The programmers have already started  fixing the identified bugs.  On July 20 - 21, the testers will meet again, this time to test the outputs.  In addition, the testers are encouraged to continue testing the application in their own location and to report any other bugs they find. 

At this time, all activities related to the web IFSP application are aimed at having the application ready to be used by the pilot site, Region 8, starting in September 2009 and to have the application ready to be rolled out region by region beginning in January 2010.



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