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The dedication and commitment of the alpha testers is greatly appreciated!

Alpha Testing of Web IFSP Continues

Once again, representatives from the Iowa Department of Education, Iowa Department of Public Health and the web IFSP administrators met to test the outputs of the web IFSP.  Seventeen (17) people met in Cedar Rapids on July 20 - 21, 2009 and went about the tedious task of finding bugs in the outputs.  

Alpha testing is simulated testing by people who are not otherwise involved with the development of the application.  These people use the application in a manner that is closer to the way an end user would use the product.  Alpha testing typically uncovers a wide range of bugs - some minor and others more significant in nature The idea is to find as many bugs as possible before the product is released.  Therefore, even though this doesn't sound "good", it is desirable to find bugs in the application during alpha testing.

Some of the observations made during the testing of the outputs were: 

  • It is important to set up preferences in the browser.
  • Even though a number of bugs were found, many were fixed before the testing session ended.
  • Most of the testers for the web IFSP outputs also participated in the testing of the web IFSP - inputs and web IEP 2009.  These individuals have developed skills that make them very valuable testers and an integral part of getting an application ready for release.
  • The design of the Print Menu is innovative.  Consumers can choose to print a form with the content or just a blank form or both.
  • Despite the bugs that were discovered, testers continued to talk about how impressed they are with the web IFSP application.  

Thanks to the testers and quick response of the programmers, the web IFSP application is once step closer to being ready for the pilot which starts in Region 8 in September.

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The early bird gets the worm and early testers get to find more bugs. To view more photos,click on icon.

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The testers called the Print Menu 'innovative'.


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