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sent to web IEP administrators on March 26, 2010

Hello everyone,

I’ve received two requests for information this week about how FBA’s and BIP’s are revised and how the history is kept.  So I thought I might as well include everyone in this message.

First of all, these forms are designed to be edited.  New versions of them aren’t necessary for each successive IEP.  Creation of multiple FBA or BIP records is strictly optional.

The ‘history’ for both forms is kept in the archives, just as are the other forms.  Every time an IEP is archived, the current state of the FBA and BIP are included.  A down side of creating multiple FBA or BIP records, rather than revising the original, would be that all copies of both forms will be archived each time a new archive is created.

Once an FBA or BIP are ‘Finalized’, they can be revised at any time by checking the ‘Revision’ box.  This opens the document up for editing.  It does not change the state of ‘Finalized’, as that is a one time process.

If during editing of either form, the user deletes any required information, those missing pieces of information should get caught by the Incomplete Data Report when the next IEP or amendment is submitted.





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