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Login Screen Message

email to web IEP administrators on August 30, 2011

Hello everyone,


The following message has been posted on the Web login screen:


Firefox has chosen to change their version numbering scheme.

Beginning with Version 4, every Firefox release will increment the version by one whole number.

No longer are there 4.0.1 or 4.1.1, etc, releases. If you already have Version 4.0, then updating to V5.0 or V6.0 is not a major update and is OK for Web IEP purposes.

However, if you are a Web IFSP user, please be aware that there are minor printing problems beginning with Firefox 4.0.

If you still have a 3.6.x version and don't have an additional need to update Firefox, consider staying with your 3.6.x version as long as possible.





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