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Iowa IDEA 2013 Video Clips: Child Find and IEP

On Friday, April 12, 2013, the IEP and Child Find video clips for the 2013 Iowa IDEA applications were syndicated to each AEA.  Below are the video clips that have been created to date.

The IFSP videos have been created and will be released at a later date.


Title Description and URL Time
Introduction to Iowa IDEA

Description of Iowa IDEA 2013 applications including brief overview of login and my preferences.


1:00 min
Login Screen

Demonstration of logging in, resetting your password, acknowledgments, and system messages. 


1:40 min
Main Menu

Demonstration of web application links, my preferences, bug report, IowaIDEAinfo.org, and log off.    


4:51 min
My Preferences

Demonstration of defaults for my preferences (including color scheme, application, job title, office) and change my password/security (including secret question and resetting password). 


2:15 min
System Features

Demonstration of using the calendar, clock, and adding participants to a form. 


2:30 min
Additional Features

Demonstration of banks and lookup fields.


5:40 min
Floating Menu

Demonstration of floating menu and options.


2:00 min
My List and Student List

Demonstration of options available on the My List/Student List (including number of records shown, filtering, sorting, printing the list, IEP status, and IEP type)


2:11 min
Add-Transfer Student

Demonstration of adding students not currently in the system and transferring students who move from one location to another.


6:20 min
IEP Overview

Demonstration of IEP overview screen (including status code, archives, ready to review, associated files, final exit, print plan, and view all archives).


3:00 min
IEP Meeting Types and Processes

Demonstration of Amendment and Final Exit process.  Illustration of how to create a new meeting (using pre-plan) including Initial, Review, Reevaluation, and Interim (along with 45 day out).


5:22 min
Family Tab

Demonstration of the Student and Adult tabs.


3:50 min
Tab A

Demonstration of Meeting and Attendees tabs.


3:45 min
Tab B

Demonstration of Consider and Assess tabs.


2:00 min
Goals Tab  

Demonstration of adding and editing goals.


2:00 min

Demonstration of graph setup, data collection, and creating multiple graphs


4:00 min
Tab F

Demonstration of Services, Activities, and Future tabs.


7:30 min
Tab G

Demonstration of tab G (including ESY, Specialized Transportation, District-wide Assessments, Additional Considerations and Progress Reports).


3:15 min
Tab H and I

Demonstration of Report Card and Additional Information tabs.


1:15 min
Forms Tab

Demonstration of adding, editing, deleting forms and updating signatures tab. 


3:30 min
Print Menu

Demonstration of print menu features (including incomplete data report).


3:50 min


Child Find

Title Description Time
Adding a student to the Child Find system

This video will guide the user in adding a new student to the Child Find process and creating a new student record.


5:30 min
Disability Suspected form when determination is “No”

This video will guide the user through the completion of the Disability Suspected tab when disability IS NOT Suspected.


2:30 min
Participants in the Disability Suspected determination

This video will guide the user through completion of the “participants” sub tab of the Disability Suspected form.


2:30 min
Child Find Tab Overview

This video will provide the user with a brief look at the contents of the CF Overview tab.


1:45 min  
Disability Suspected form when Determination is “yes”

The video guides the user to enter information in the Disability Suspected Tab when the team determines that a disability IS suspected.


5:30 min
Creating the Consent for Full and Individual Initial Evaluation form

This video will show the user how to complete the necessary information to generate a Consent for Full and Individual Initial Evaluation form.


 3:00 min
EDW Overview: Student IS eligible

This video will guide the user through completion of the Eligibility Determination Worksheet (EDW) when a student is determined to be eligible for special education services.


5:00 min
EDW Overview: Student is NOT Eligible

This video will guide the user through completion of the Eligibility Determination Worksheet (EDW) and closing the Child Find record when the student is determined to be NOT eligible.


1:45 min
Educational Evaluation Report: Individual Information

This video will guide the user in completing EER information about the area(s) of concern, pervasiveness of the problem, access and opportunities to learn, and cultural or other ecological factors that might be contributing.


2:00 min


Educational Evaluation Report: Performance Domains, Progress and Discrepancy              


This video will guide the user to document the performance domains addressed in the evaluation, progress and rate of acquisition data, and discrepancy information.


6:40 min
Educational Evaluation Report: Educational Needs

This video will provide guidance in documenting the student’s needs in the areas of Instruction, Curriculum, Environment, other Learner supports, and which needs, if any, exceed the capacity and obligation of the general education program.


2:30 min



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