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5/2/14 Active status - why is that mandatory? I believe we enter this in the Next field as well for diagnositic, so why also use the active? Seems confusing that this field isn't just used for students who are 'active' in the application. Why wouldn't we default all students to active? Because even when students move, we leave something in the "next" field so if they move back, they will show up on a list for that school. However, if they are not in our schools, they need to be deactivated. The DE only wants to pull active kids. For example, say there was a PES kid that moved but the PES remains in the type and there is something in the "next" in case they move back, the DE would be pulling information for that student when, in fact, we no longer serve them.
3/20/14 Why does the parent information not show up on the audiogram reports? It prints with the heading of Parent Information but then nothing. I am wondering if I have a setting wrong. The parent information is on both the standard and basic audiograms but no other forms. If it is not showing up on these, is the information on the home page? If it is on the home page, then we are unclear as to why it isn't showing up as ours does. If it's not showing up and is on home page, please submit as bug and send Lisa the student name.
3/20/14 Two questions regarding the "Mark All Adequate" button:

1) It only works if you check one individual check box, then click the "Mark All Adequate" button.  Is it designed to work this way, or should we be able to just click the "Mark All Adequate" button? 

(This works the same way on Mac and Windows versions for us.)

2) The "sum" box at the bottom of the roster, indicating # of checks in the column, doesn't always "count" automatically (as it does on the absent and rescreen columns).  Could this be related to the "confusion" HearForm seems to have in recording Chart Notes correctly?
Old HF- we didn't have to check one box and then "Mark All Adequate". Don't know why this is on this version. Have not had a problem with the sums of the screen adequate, absents or rescreens. Would like to have diagnostic results total also. It may make a difference where you are at in the process on the roster to get the totals. When you first click the adequate screens it won't total until you click your mouse somewhere.
3/20/14 Under what Type would a student with normal hearing and tubes be classified? We monitor these students since they have a history. I am thinking NS but did not find it as any of the examples. Student should be classified as normal, since they have normal hearing. If they want to monitor them they could note them as a diagnostic in the "next" column so they come up as a test the next time they are there.
3/20/14 When entering a date on the Roster page (as well as under "Submit Chart Notes"), it only records a date for the FIRST record in found set.  On subsequent records, the date is still blank. Lisa & I experimented with trying to enter "who" did the screenings as appending the chart note, but it appears this would have to be done individually. We could assume that the person creating the chart note did the screening (although not currently true as I was entering screening data for another person right now...?). We may want look at requesting an "edit chart note" feature for the roster page in the future, or a better way to record screenings as an actual "test" rather than chart note so we know who actually did the screenings and when. There is only 1 date on the roster and you do not fill out a date to submit chart notes. Recent activity involving submission of chart notes illustrated that the date appears on all of the student's chart notes. We do not note who did the individual screenings as it could be me, my audiometrist or a student I have. We just note that they were screened, and the date.
2/27/14 What do we put for school, for kids who are birth-2 who are not Home Intervention? This would include kids who are retests for failed newborn screenings, referrals wanting hearing testing before being referred to EA, physician referrals, etc We don't put any school for the little ones, we only put the district they live in.
2/25/14 When is Ctrl 1 a problem? The big place that I found Ctrl 1 is a problem is when you are using the "preview" mode, it will kick you out of the system.

When we do a find (for a district), it pulls up found set kids. Then when you add an Audiogram, when we click back home, it goes back to a list of all the records instead of the found set of 12. How do we maintain the set of found children?

Control 1 shortcut: One of the places that it is beneficial to use Ctrl 1 to go "home" is when you have a found set of kids, you go into one of the kids audiograms, when you go back home if you hit the home button you loose your found set and have to pull it up again. If you use the Ctrl 1 to go back, it maintains your found set.
2/10/14 On Immittance there is no place to list probe tone used. Can this be added or do we just need to put it in notes? The 2 options are listed at the bottom of the tympanometry section and there is a button you can check for the appropriate probe tone. It actually defaults to 226 so you only have to change it if you do 1000 Hz. We do not have that information listed on the audiograms or the medical report so we may need to add that.
2/10/14 Do all of the values for the reflexes need to be on the audio or can just the basic ones be on there? Some staff would prefer to have all boxes they don't complete disappear. When the forms were designed, we tried to have all possible information audiologists could gather be displayed. Now people are frustrated that there are too many sections they don't do and they're not fond of having incomplete boxes because it looks like they didn't do all the testing they could have. We added sections that we didn't originally have and we are living with the changes. A suggestion has been made to Val that if staff want forms with only certain information that they should contact Lisa Lohman about having them designed and put under their forms. 
2/10/14 Why don't the CI values show up on the graph? Can this be changed?  The HF program does not have the graphics to do this. This version allows the Aided and FM to show on the audiogram (which our former one didn't), but the CI values are still in a table. This was explained at the training and also put in the guide. Unless Mike creates this capability, we can't have it displayed.
2/10/14 Can the frequencies used in OAE be listed?  This would require adding yet another table, and since there has been feedback already about too much being on the current forms, we could end up making that problem worse. Another option is to put that info in the comments section.
2/10/14 Can I get more information on the operators via perform find?

Click the following link to view answer:




When I go to print test results for a student, it pulls up an audiogram that has <no access> over it. After further review, I noticed that from the print options tab, only one of the buttons works correctly.  Click this link for instructions on how to resolve this issue.


How do I change my user name that auto populates as my name when logging into HearForm? Click this link for instructions.
12/19/13 Would it be possible to take the child's name out of the address on the letters under the easy button? We use window envelopes and we can not have the child's name showing. From Kelly V: We use window envelopes also. With all of the different names out there between the kids and parents, we like to have both so we make sure we get the correct letter with the medical report and get it to the parents in the mail. Around here many school correspondence go out with: To the parent of ... I don't know how many additional letters/forms we want to add to the home page. Lisa- should we have a second medical and info letter without the kid's name?
12/19/13 I have noticed that when I am adding a new child, the system puts a number in the state id box. This could be very confusing for some. They may think it's a state id and it's not. From Kelly V: I see that as a training issue. The system has to assign a number to a new record. That number is not a 10 digit number like the state id. I would just train staff that they simply cannot add a new student until they have that state ID so it can be changed immediately.
12/19/13 Preschool is denoted with -2 or -1. Which one applies to a 3 yr old and which applies to a 4 yr old? Not sure which is which.

From Kelly V: Typically the -2 is the younger kiddos.

From the PowerSchool Consultants: The state requires the following values to be sent to them for grade levels in the uploads from any student system:

PK for Pre-kindergarten

KG for Kindergarten

01-12 for grade levels 1-12

In PowerSchool, Kindergarten is grade level zero.   Preschool levels then are -1 and -2 (typically).

12/19/13 Why are there multiple places to list type of loss and preferential seating? It would be nice to have them linked so that they only need to be done once. From Kelly V: The system does not allow for this, we have tried it before. The problem is if they are linked, then when the type/seating is changed on the home page, it changes every single record for that student. So, if they were medically significant last time and now normal and you change the type on the home page to normal, it will change the MS record to say normal and does not preserve the historic information from the individual tests. Make sense?
12/19/13 When doing a find and clicking on the list of found students and then clicking on a particular student, then going to home and entering testing information and then you want to go back to the list of found students we get a "no access" message. Why is this? From Kelly V: This is because when you have done a found set and then go into an audio, you cannot hit "home" to go back because you will loose your found set. If you do ctrl+1 for Windows (CMD+1 for Mac), it will take you back home and maintain your found set. If you loose your found set you can hit the down arrow to the right of the find button and click on your last find to get it back. The reason it says "no access" is because when you go back home from the audiogram, you have lost your found set and now your set is all of the kids in the state and you don't have access to students outside of your AEA.
12/19/13 On the student list, why does it say present instead of pass? We find that confusing. From Kelly V: That form was designed to be used by the audiometrists to check off kids who have come out for testing, it is not for providing results to the school (that is what the roster is for). We have kids who are known losses and rescreens on that list and have to check that they were tested but they didn't pass a screening. We take it that any student who is not marked a diagnostic or rescreen passed screening and then complete the roster to provide the "results".
12/19/13 When using the roster, it has listed the child's last results. Is there a way to have that be blank so it is not confusing for schools? From Kelly V: No because the type from the home page populates that. What I do, for example, if a student had a diagnostic the last time and was absent this time is remove the results from that kid's "type" (making note of the past result), complete and print the roster and then add the "type" back in for that kid. Not much else you can do otherwise we would have to manually add all of the diagnostic results and that would be far more work than removing an occasional type and replacing it.

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