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Firefox 4.0 and printing Evaluations & Assessments

email to web IFSP administrators on June 16, 2011

Hello again, A number of you have reported ‘Evaluation and Assessment’ printing issues with Firefox 3.6.x when run on a Mac with OS 10.6.x.  This doesn’t seem to be an issue in Internet Explorer, so that has provided some relief. . . . read more

Page G and District Wide Assessment, Family Information area, email

email to web IFSP administrators on June 17, 2010

Hello again everyone, We have made a very slight change to the Family Information area regarding language spoken in the home.  The basic complaint was that two languages could not be documented. From the beginning we had . . . read more

Exports from the Web IFSP

posted April 14, 2010

updated on June 15, 2010

To view the document which provides information on the data selection, data and source and sort for each export, click here .   read more

Child Fix Instruction

sent to web IFSP administrators on April 8, 2010

To see clarifications about Child Fix and duplicate situations details, click here . read more

Alpha Testing of Web IFSP Continues

Once again, representatives from the Iowa Department of Education, Iowa Department of Public Health and the web IFSP administrators met to test the outputs of the web IFSP.  Seventeen (17) people met in Cedar Rapids on July 20 - 21, . . . read more

Alpha Testing of Web IFSP

Representatives from Iowa Department of Public Health and the Iowa Department of Education and the AEA web IFSP administrators met on July 14 – 15 in Cedar Rapids to participate in the alpha testing of the web IFSP application. . . . read more

Handout for July 22nd, 2009 Overview of IFSP Process

July 16, 2009

A copy of the PowerPoint slides which will be used during the Tuesday, July 22nd presentation on the Overview of the IFSP process is available here .  This training is designed particularly for the web IFSP administrators and the . . . read more

NEW! News Update Group for Web IFSP Administrators

June 26, 2009

As you are aware, our standard practice has been to allow people to self subscribe to News Updates for www.iowaidea.org.  The notion is that people would only sign up for the group to which they "belonged".  In most . . . read more


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