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Exit From Part C at Annual Review

Joan Hohl 12/ 31/17 1.  I have 2 children that have their Annual Reviews; but are also being exited from Part C at the same time. I am confused; I am no . . . read more

Dual Enrollment for IEP Students in Elementary Schools

  Marsha Loomis 9/2/15 Is there a minimum and a maximum amount of time for kids with an IEP can dual enroll for in an elementary public school?       . . . read more

Language Version of Early Access Procedural Safeguards Manuel

  Shannon Hagen 9/2/15 Is there an English version of the Early Access Procedural Safeguards Manual on this website? Thanks       Dee Gethmann . . . read more

Standalone IMS - District, City & State information for Child exits

  Annette Hyde 6/23/14 Several years ago we directed our Office Assistants to enter into standalone IMS the city and state a student moved to when they left Iowa. Is this information that we should still be . . . read more

Procedures for Entering Eligibility Information into Stand Alone

  Chris Ask 02/6/14 I want to make sure the procedures for entering the Eligibility information into the Stand Alone are accurate and are uniform across the state. The End Child Find emails should be used to . . . read more

Medicaid Form

Mary Jo Nordheim 05/23/13 When we receive two signed Medicaid authorization forms, one for LEA and one for AEA services, and the dates of the signature are different, which date do we enter on IMS?   . . . read more

Signed Copy of Parent Permission for Medicaid

Mary Jo Nordheim 04/15/2013 When we get an IEP in from the school and the child has Medicaid services and has a Medicaid #, if we do not get a signed copy of the parent permission form in with the IEP, how important is . . . read more

Change resident district to LR, and need tuition agreement?

Patti Brown 3/25/13 Student attends district A and parent and student resided with gramma. Mother has moved to district B, but student staying with gramma. Basis of enrollment is being changed to LR for livng with a relative. . . . read more

Enter an 'Exit' IEP on Student Moving Out of State?

  Joanie Finck 12/12/12 Is it necessary (or even advisable) to do an 'Exit' IEP on a student when they move out of state, and are continuing in Special Education? I have noticed an Exit IEP recently that was . . . read more

Resident district, currently in foster home, awaiting adult group home

Patti Brown 10/3/12 A student returned from residential placement out of state.  She is currently living in a foster home awaiting placement in an adult group home.  She is over 18 years of age.  Parents are . . . read more

Change Resident District to Iowa Foster Care?

Jane Buchheim 10/3/12 A child is living in foster care in District B and attending school in District B, but the mother, who was living in District A, moved to out of state during the summer (the father’s whereabouts are . . . read more

Code for teacher or special education teacher

Mary Jo Nordheim 9/17/12 Does it matter if we use the code 111 for teacher or 391 for special education teacher? This is for a special education teacher, but I see both codes are being used across the state. Is there a . . . read more

Frequency and minutes for support services on Page F

Michelle (on behalf of an AEA) 7/9/12 Do the frequency and minutes for support services on Page F in an IEP (e.g. health, behavior and nursing) need to be entered into IMS?       Jim . . . read more

Resident district when parent incarcerated

Joanie Finck 3/15/12 We have a student that has been placed in our district in Foster Care whose mother is incarcerated, and has been for some time. The father is not in the picture. I cannot find it anywhere, but it seems to me . . . read more

Shared time and/or dual enrollment; use Basis for Enrollment field?

Mary Jo Nordheim 2/9/12 My question concerns shared time and/or dual enrollment. Is this something we need to be putting under Basis for Enrollment and is this what the state pulls this information from?   . . . read more

Browser(s) and versions to access IMS

Daniel DeGroot 12/12/11 What are the internet browser(s) and versions that are to be used to access the IMS system for both Apple and Windows computers?       Michelle Tressel 12/12/11 . . . read more

Junior Kindergarten Program, Weighting Procdure

Karen Schwenke 10/28/11 With regards to children in s Junior Kindergarten program, I noticed that back in 9/3/2009 a question was asked of the bureau as to how these kids are weighted and entered into IMS.  I gave this . . . read more

Where in the manual is supplementary assistance being used for weighting a student?

Sharon Wagner 9/14/11 I have been trying to research the manual for the instance where supplementary assistance is properly used for weighting a student and have had no luck.  The manual does not word search properly. . . . read more

E-Mailing and IEP in PDF format

Teresa Stabler 4/5/11 One of our Districts is looking to go to all electronic files. They are asking if is OK to email an IEP which is converted to PDF.       . . . read more

IFSP/IEP outcomes summary data entry procedures

Sandy Lawry 3/25/11 IFSP/IEP outcomes summary data entry procedures lists 5 cases for the target population for EC Outcomes. It does not list an IFSP child who has been found ineligible for services. My . . . read more

Help from Classroom Associate, Code OB?

Jean Borgerding 3/23/11 We currently use PP for Medicaid billable services (behavior and medical) for kids with a one-on-one associate with minutes on the  IEP.  We currently use TA for non-Medicaid . . . read more

Paraprofessional Assistance under "Supplementary Aids and Services"

Mary Jo Nordheim 2/14/11 When a services page lists paraprofessional assistance under "Supplementary Aids and Services", no code shows up under Support Services on that page. They did not put any minutes in under the . . . read more

PP code for Medicaid billable services

Jean 10/7/10 I was told PP code is for Medicaid billable paraprofessional services. Can this code be used if it is a Medicaid billable service but staff says it is not billable. Their statement to me was "The types . . . read more

IEP forms for attending out-of-state

Patti Brown 9/17/10 We have a student who is attending a behavior program out of state. Our question is this. Will this student remain on Iowa IEP forms or do they need to do the review on Illinois forms. There is some . . . read more

Minutes in a School Day

  Mary Keul   8/31/10 This question is regarding the minutes in a school day. In IMS, under building set-up, we put the beginning time and the ending time. This generates the minutes on the web IEP . . . read more

Printing Page A of the IEP

Mary Jo Nordheim 6/28/10 What is the policy for printing Page A of the IEP? Is the AEA/LEA supposed to be reprinting Page A after it is implemented and replacing that page in the file and giving a new Page A to the parent? . . . read more


Sandy Lawry 5/20/10 Since the method and summary data are being collected from the WEB IFSP now, is there a need to enter the Results information from the WEB IFSP into IMS at all? ie Results: Result/Outcome Type . . . read more

Method and Sources in Early Childhood Outcomes (ECO)

Donna Dannar 4/13/10 Web IFSP/Data Entry in IMS Since the Web IFSP ECO Summary no longer includes the Method & Sources field, does that mean we no longer enter those fields in IMS?       . . . read more

Intake/Referral for Child Who Doesn't Qualify for Early ACCESS

Donna Dannar 4/6/10 This question comes in response to information shared at our IMS User's meeting held today, April 6, 2010. Below is a question & response regarding the data entry of intake/referral date in the Eligibility . . . read more

Moving from Public to Parochial School

Donna Dannar 3/25/10 When a child goes from public school to parochial school and will continue with IEP services, is CPI the appropriate roster change code to use when closing the public school service? What about basis for . . . read more

Web IFSP Intake Form

Rachael Putman 2/25/10 Hello, This question is in regards to closing out the Web IFSP Intake form. The only reasons listed to close out the form are: Parent(s) declines consent for evaluation for eligibility determination / . . . read more

Last Name Won't Fit in Field in IMS

Mary Jo Nordheim 2/19/10 What do you do if you have a last name that is hyphenated and too long to fit in the Last Name box on the IMS? I originally had the one name in and then have to add the hyphenated name and it runs over . . . read more

Basis for Eligibility for Part C Child

Michelle Tressel 2/1/10 Can the Basis for Eligibility for a Part C child change from the initial IFSP to an Annual or Periodic IFSP?       Dee Gethmann 4/1/10 No, the basis for . . . read more

Code for Nursing Services: HL or NR

Mary Jo Nordheim 1/29/10 Our AEA has always entered HL services when a child has a school nurse listed on the services page. Lately, we have been seeing the code NR on the services page. Do we need to be entering school . . . read more

Assistive Technology

Becky Ott 1/28/10 Are we still to list Assistive Technology under services on the IMS?       Toni Van Cleve 1/29/10 If Assistive Technology is listed as a service on Page F of the . . . read more

Early Childhood Setting Code

Susan Dunsmoor 11/23/09 EC Setting Code/LRE - I have 2 items of documentation for what needs to be entered when in IMS as far as EC Setting Code Only, EC Setting Code & LRE, LRE only and wanted to verify which is correct: EC . . . read more

Preschooler Attending Voluntary Preschool Program

Patti Brown 11/9/09 I have a rostering question regarding a preschooler attending a voluntary preschool program in another district. Student is a resident of one district but attends a nearby district 4 yr old preschool . . . read more

Roster Change Codes

Mary Jo Nordheim 10/27/09 Question on what exit code to use: if transportation is being taken off or an aide is being taken off the IEP, but other services are still continuing, what code should we use? Would we use MSG or CRI? . . . read more

Resident District

Susan Dunsmoor 9/30/09 Resident District ?? - child is living in Foster home in Pella/attending Pella. Both parents are in prison, but were living in Knoxville. Rights have not been terminated. Does Resident District still remain . . . read more

Grade Code for Junior Kindergarten

Marci Klinkefus 8/28/09 What is the appropriate grade code for children in Junior Kindergarten? Should they be PK or 00? In our district Junior Kindergarten is always attended before kindergarten. If children are identified, they . . . read more

Medicaid Billable and Non-Billable Services

Susan Dunsmoor 8/24/09 Since we now have the 2 classifications for PP0/TA0 to indicate Medicaid billable and non-Medicaid billable services, do we have to distinguish the 2 in IMS or can we just list TA like we have in the past? . . . read more

Race/Ethnicity Field on Child Demographic Screen

Susan Dunsmoor 7/30/09 On the Child Demographic Page in IMS, where it has "Ethnicity" under Gender - do we continue to enter something here or will we now be leaving this blank since we will be choosing the new Race/Ethnicity . . . read more

Race/Ethnicity Data

Donna Dannar 7/16/09 Race/Ethnicity Data: With the upcoming changes to the Race/Ethnicity data, I was wondering at what point is this data to be collected? For example, will there be a special form for staff to fill out at . . . read more

Class Numbers for Levels

Susan Dunsmoor 6/17/09 Just wondering how soon we would be getting direction on switching the class numbers in IMS to the new coding? Most of the districts have submitted their plans and have been approved, so now . . . read more

District-Wide Assessment -not given at this grade level, "G"

Susan Dunsmoor 6/8/09 Am questioning the use of G for District Wide Assessment. We have a program called "STRIVE" which is vocational/technical training program for students requiring resource assistance. Students . . . read more

Retaining Count Data

Donna Dannar 4/30/09 How long should past Count data be retained at the AEA before it can be destroyed?       John Lee 5/1/09 On Paper, 5 years. Electronically as long past that as . . . read more

Setting Up New Building

Donna Dannar 4/30/09 Who do we contact at the DE for assistance in setting up a new building for a district?       John Lee 5/5/09 For those buildings that are new school . . . read more

4 Year Old Preschool Programs

Patti Brown 4/8/09 Looking forward to next fall, our 4 yr old preschool programs will be housed in private preschool settings, rather than the public school buildings as they currently are. Since there will be 7 different . . . read more

Full or Part Time Status

Donna Dannar 4/8/09 Web IEP currently does not require that full or part time status be indicated on PK students that are support services (i.e.speech, OT, PT) only, yet it is still required in IMS. Shouldn't it be marked on the . . . read more

Classroom Setting

Susan Dunsmoor 3/26/09 Student is home schooled/duel enrolled. Services are provided by Genesis, special ed teacher provides consultation services to Genesis, receives transportation. ?? on what to put at the bottom for the . . . read more

Entering in IMS Teacher Who Will Be Monitoring Student

Nan Holst 3/12/09 I have a school district that does not have an ECSE program. However, they are hiring a teacher to monitor a student(s) at an LRE preschool site. How do I enter that teacher on IMS? Also, on the IEP would . . . read more

PDS and Data Verification Report

Becky 3/12/09 I have an IFSP kid that had a final exit code as PDS (discontinued at parent request), it keeps showing up on the required list as needing follow up. I have documented in the comments section that the parent did not . . . read more

Early ACCESS Child Doesn't Qualify

Patti Brown 2/23/09 I have a student who did not qualify for early access services. My question is when a date is entered on the eligibility screen to begin the 45 days, how do we close that out if the student does not . . . read more

Eligibility Data Worksheet (EDW)

Donna Dannar 2/18/09 Eligibility Data Worksheet - This is similar to a question asked by Patti Brown on 10/3/07 with one significant difference - if a parent declines services for an eligible student in May of 2008; then agrees to . . . read more

Exit Code When Consent Revoked

Susan Dunsmoor 1/20/09 For the new regulation that just came out at the end of December indicating that a parent can revoke consent for special ed at any time and a meeting does not have to be held if parent does not want, the . . . read more

IFSP Early Intervention Services Form

Mary Jo Nordheim 1/5/09 A question on the new IFSP Early Intervention Services Form. If a child was exited from services because they no longer needed them or because they turned 3, we used the code CRI because nothing else fit. . . . read more

Intensive Plans

Chris Ask 12/23/08 Are we continuing to enter Intensive Plans in IMS?       Toni Van Cleve 1/20/09 The state does not use this information. It has not been required by the . . . read more

Reevaluation Due Date for Early ACCESS Children

Donna Dannar 12/17/08 Early Access - Is it required to have a Reevaluation due date entered in IMS for B-2 children? or can that field be left blank for this population? Please advise. Thanks     . . . read more

District Wide Assessments -not given at this grade level, "N" in IMS?

Donna Dannar 12/9/08 Web IEP Version 5 has a field for district wide assessments - "not given at this grade level". Are we to assume that "N" is to be entered in IMS, given there is no choice defined to match the Web . . . read more

SD Code

Donna Dannar 12/3/08 If SD is to be used for setting up LEA LRE Monitors, can the associated weighting be tied to the SD code without causing problems with the Weighted Enrollment report?       . . . read more

Exit Code

Joan Finck 11/26/08 A student moves from District A to District B. District B requests records from District A. However, no paperwork or notification is received by District B?s AEA. What exit code should be used for the services . . . read more

Levels and Program Models

Patti Brown 11/4/08 My question is regarding levels vs. conventional program models such as resource, self contained, etc. Is there a mandate for all districts to convert to the leveling system by a period in time, and if so when? . . . read more

Foster Care

Deb Day 10/28/08 I have a student whose parents live in Bloomfield, student is in foster care in Des Moines. Foster parents have open enrolled the student to Saydel. For certified enrollment he was counted as an open enrolled . . . read more

IFSP Other Services

Vonnie Ross 10/21/08 Per our October ICN meeting, we had an EC representative explain to us that when we have an IFSP Other Services Page, we should code those services with OHC. Whenever I try to enter OHC under the Staff . . . read more


Donna Dannar 10/16/08 What is the correct method for setting up an LRE Monitor in IMS? There used to be a code for this, but it has been inactivated so I've been using HV, which I know isn't correct, but . . . We have several . . . read more

Disability for Speech Only Students

Patti Brown 10/15/08 There has been some discussion here about speech only IEP students and the disability code. Please clarify if speech only students can carry a SL disability code, or if EI should be used. I referred to the . . . read more

Exit Code for Student Enrolled in GED

Donna Dannar 10/15/08 In the past, we've been told that when a student enrolls in a GED program, he/she is to be entered in IMS as a drop. I've recently received information that seems to be contrary to this information stating . . . read more

Resident District

Marci Klinkefus 10/9/08 I have a student that has a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). Parental rights have not been terminated. Father still lives in an Iowa district. Mother is unavailable. Since the child is living . . . read more

Host District

Chris Ask 10/8/08 Student has been placed in an AEA sponsored shelter and is Ward of the State. What should I use as the Host district? Chris       John Lee 10/16/08 If this . . . read more

IFSP Intake/Referral Form

Mary Jo Nordheim 9/30/08 On the new IFSP Intake/Referral form, does this form take the place of the old Consent for Evaluation? Is this form used for screenings? Is the Intake/Referral Date the date that the parents consent to the . . . read more

Exit Codes

Donna Dannar 9/22/08 I'm sorry, but I'm not clear on the answer to the Exit Code question. What exactly does "200X +1" mean for the end of the school year? + an entire year?? And, so (for example) we are to change the previous . . . read more

45 Day Timeline

Michelle Tressel 9/11/08 From the August 25, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: Is case closure on an Intake/Referral still required?       Dee Gethmann 9/11/08 Yes, the IFSP . . . read more

IFSP Templates

Michelle Tressel 9/11/08 From the August 25, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: What is the effective date of the IFSP templates?       Dee Gethmann 9/11/08 Data entry personnel . . . read more

Meeting Type

Michelle Tressel 9/11/08 From the August 25, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: Will the meeting be type of SC if a Service Coordinator was changed?       Dee Gethmann 9/11/08 A . . . read more

Primary Position Field for Service Coordinator

Michelle Tressel 9/11/08 From the August 25, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: If a person is exclusively a Service Coordinator, what code do we enter in Primary Position field on the Staff Demographic screen?   . . . read more

School Facility Types

John Lee and Amy Williamson 9/10/08 From the August 26, 2008 data entry personnel meeting: In regard to school facility types, what code should be used if the building is a preschool?       . . . read more

60 Day Timeline

Michelle Tressel 9/10/08 From the August 26 data entry personnel meeting: On the Consent and Eligibility screen, there are some records where the Date Received in Public Agency is after the Meeting Date Held. Date entered and date . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Donna Dannar 9/3/08 ECO Summary - With regard to the ECO Summary - we are in need of some clarification for the PK to K population. We are already requiring Amendments for PK to K transitions, including an ECO Summary; but since . . . read more

Service Coordination as a Service

Mary Jo Nordheim 8/28/08 Regarding adding the Service Coordination as a service, should we be putting in minutes per month?       Dee Gethmann 10/23/08 Yes, minutes per month should . . . read more

Uniform Data Entry Procedures: Consent and Eligibility

Glenda Suckow 8/22/08 I read the Part C Data Entry Procedures for Consent and Eligibility Determination and am not clear. If we get a new request on a child Birth-3, we screen that child and does not go on to any service, do we . . . read more

Early Childhood Program Type

Michelle Tressel 8/7/08 Submitted on behalf of a data entry person: In regard to the EC program type.. We are to put in the correct EC program type for each teacher/program. If an OT works in the same building, there is typically . . . read more

Early Childhood Program Type

Michelle Tressel 7/28/08 On behalf of a data entry person...A preschool is located in and run by an accredited, non-public school. 1. Does this preschool need an Early Childhood Program Type? 2. If so, what code should be used? . . . read more

Goal Code

Joanie Finck 6/11/08 Next year, the IEPs will no longer contain a Goal Code on the goals. Will the Medicaid forms be changed, or should we just leave that spot blank on the forms we now use? Or is there something else we should be . . . read more

Domicile Building

Joan Finck 6/6/08 This question was asked by one of our SLPs, but feel like this needs to be addressed state-wide. On the front page of the IEP where it asks for domicile building, we have a question as to what to put there for . . . read more

School Facility Types

Lora Mager 6/5/08 At the last user's meeting we went over building types. I have a questions from one of our AEA data entry staff. Do these types pertains to early childhood building and preschools? Thank you for the . . . read more

Intervention Screen

Lauri Jennisch 5/1/08 Regarding the IMS Intervention Screen and how to enter general education Intensive Plans: This is how the majority of our AEA 10 IMS entry folks complete this page, but we are not sure this is correct. Begin . . . read more

Early Childhood Setting Codes

Donna Dannar 4/9/08 EC Codes - Which EC code is appropriate for a child who receives "walk in" speech services only at a public elementary school, but is not involved in a PK instructional/classroom program? (Staff have used B5, . . . read more

Exit Codes

Angela Glaser 3/28/08 I have a student with a resident district of New Hampton and the last attending was Four Oaks in Independence. From what I understand he left Four Oaks and was sent to the Dubuque County jail to await . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Donna Dannar 3/20/08 Early Childhood - How early or how far in advance can the transition ECO Summary be completed for a PK to K student?       Toni Van Cleve 3/20/08 The final ECO . . . read more

Transition from Part C to Part B

Donna Dannar 3/20/08 Early Access and the Eligibility Module in IMS - When a child is exited from Early Access services with EOP - not eligible referred to other programs, staff currently do not obtain consent for evaluation, nor . . . read more

Amendment and LRE

Marci Klinkefus 3/17/08 In the following situation is an amendment needed to update the LRE in the IMS in the fall? A child is transitioning from preschool to kindergarten. The annual review IEP meeting is held in March. Future . . . read more

DHS Numbers

Mary Jo Nordheim 3/13/08 For the DHS numbers we need for preschools, I have gotten some 10 digit numbers. Where we enter these numbers on the IMS, there is only room for a 7 digit number. Will this be changed?   . . . read more


Becky Ott 3/11/08 On the IFSP Summary of Service Page there is a section for speech codes. Are the staff supposed to be circling a code and then entering them on the severity screen? There are no goal codes to tie with the SDO's, . . . read more

Secondary and Tertiary Disabilities

Donna Dannar 3/5/08 Does the adding of secondary or tertiary disabilities, such as HI, apply to Part C children as well?       Shelley Ackermann 3/5/08 For Part C, there are only . . . read more

Data Verification Report

Joan Finck 2/19/08 We have a student who is showing up on the Data Verification Report (Required Data), and who will always show up there, as he has gone to Competent Private Instruction. According to the report, follow-up is . . . read more

Exit Codes

Joan Finck 2/19/08 Another questions centers around the Denison Job Corps program. Normally, kids who enroll in this program must be listed as dropouts, as it is a GED program. However, apparently they now have another program . . . read more

Change Code and Meeting Type

Patti Brown 12/21/07 When a student on an IFSP moves to another AEA and is known to be continuing, what is the correct code to use on the services screen. Also, what is the meeting type used on the plan screen for the exiting . . . read more

Early Childhood Program Type

Donna Danna 12/6/07 Regarding the Early Childhood Type of Program codes - Which code would be appropriate to assign to an Early Childhood Program housed at a public elementary school? EC staff are inquiring. If the program is ECSE . . . read more

Transition from Part C to Part B

Michelle Tressel 11/6/07 (From the data entry personnel meeting) 1. What is the earliest age an IEP may be written for a child who is being served in Early ACCESS? 2. What is the earliest age an IEP may be written for a child who . . . read more

Serve Status

Patti Brown 10/31/07 I have a student who lives in Illinois attending Clinton for programming needs. In this case should the served status be N for neither? I need to know ASAP. Thank you. Patti     . . . read more

60 Day Timeline

Patti Brown 10/3/07 A student was evaluated last spring, found eligible for services, and an IEP was written in April of 2007. Mother refused to consent to services. She has now decided to give consent. The IEP team decided to use . . . read more

Early Childhood Program Type

Michelle Tressel 10/1/07 (From the August 2007 data entry personnel meeting) If a preschool is located in an elementary building, will it have an EC Program Type of its own?       Dee . . . read more

Early Childhood Program Type

Michelle Tressel 10/1/07 (From the August 2007 data entry personnel meeting) Will each preschool and headstart have their own EC Program Type and provider number, if applicable?       Dee . . . read more

Meeting Type

Donna Dannar 9/20/07 Now that the "Amendment" Meeting Type (Plan Module) has been changed to encompass Part B only, there is no Meeting Type code to adequately define an IFSP written for "Change in Service" Which Meeting Type code . . . read more

Resident Building

Donna Dannar 9/19/07 With regard to the below question & response: Evidently this doesn't apply for students coded as Ward of State residents (9888) or District Court Placed residents (9889) as only 3 options pop up to . . . read more

Resident Building

Joan Finck 9/12/07 2 Resident Building Questions for John - What is the resident district is listed as a state, i.e. "Nebraska." What do we use for the building then. We have no actual district listed, and there are only "special . . . read more

Resident Building

Brandy Folken 8/29/07 in Regards to Resident Building, Obviously when the Resident District changes we close services and open a new record, but if the Res. Dist. is still the same and the Res. Building is changing (due to address . . . read more

Resident Building

Michelle Tressel 7/28/07 Data entry personnel will soon be asked to enter Resident Building into IMS. What is the resident building for students who are district court placed or foster care?       . . . read more

Resident Building

Donna Dannar 7/26/07 Referred to this site by Michelle Tressel . . . Resident building is a new data entry field in IMS. Often times staff do not know the resident building, especially if the students "reside" out of state or out . . . read more

Early Childhood Setting Codes

Michelle Tressel 6/27/07 Do we need Early Childhood setting codes for kindergarteners?       Michelle Tressel 6/27/07 The question was asked by a few data entry personnel recently. . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Michelle Tressel 3/23/07 (This question was sent to the Bureau via e-mail and is being recorded here.) One of our data entry persons believes she recalls from our training that if a field on the ECO Summary form is blank, we are . . . read more

60 Day Timeline

Keely Ruby 2/6/07 In May of 2006 a Consent for Full and Individual went through for a student. It was entered on IMS. The student did not qualify for special education, plus the meeting to determine this was late, due to Summer . . . read more


Dixie Kimrey 12/7/06 Is it important for Medicaid verification that the time and amount of service be entered on the service screen in IMS? - because this data appears at the top of the medicaid log sheet printed out for staff, we . . . read more

60 Day Timeline

Deb Chamberlin 12/5/06 With regard to written Length of Time between Consent and Determination, Data Entry Procedures - on Pg 1, Item 1a it states "If the student has received special education services previously, do not continue . . . read more

Resident District

Donna Dannar 11/4/06 If a student is a Ward of State (RD 9888) and then turns 18, does the resident district change to place of residence of that student? Please advise. Thanks       John . . . read more

Change Code

Donna Dannar 11/2/06 This is the first time I've come across this situation and need the DE's advice on what exit code to use: L2 student has been found to be a resident of one district attending another. OE papers were not filed. . . . read more

Child Count

Donna Dannar 11/2/06 Part C to B - IFSP services to continue to 10/30/06 (post count) IEP written 10/24/06 but services not to begin until 10/30/06 (post count)- can both IFSP & IEP services be reflected in the count? Please . . . read more

Exit Codes

Joan Finck 10/23/06 I understand the need to "clean up" the exit codes for students for last school year who were listed as CAD or CRD and didn't get re-entered. However, is there a reason we need to go back farther than that? The . . . read more


Donna Dannar 10/20/06 At one of our IMS User's meetings we were instructed not to enter LRE based on future services. I now have students hitting the verification report that are or will be 6 by count date that have no LRE% . . . read more

Child Count

Nan Holst 10/10/06 East Central School District sent two of their ECSE kids to summer ECSE programming at Bellevue Schools. Bellevue is asking if there is any way for them to "count" these kids?     . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Joan Finck 9/28/06 I have another question regarding entering ECO information on the Results screen. When a child is 3-5 and has actual IEP results, how do we enter the ECO responses in addition to them? Do we number them as goals . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Joan Finck 9/22/06 I have had several people ask me about the Early Childhood Outcomes forms. Some of these people have been from outside my AEA, so I'm pretty sure we aren't the only ones in a quandary. Let me tell you the . . . read more


Patti Brown 9/21/06 Below is the text of an email I received from a teacher. Rather than give her incorrect information I wanted to double check with someone "out there". Please explain this again. Thank you. Hello there! At our . . . read more

Medicaid Consent

Becky 9/18/06 On the medicaid parent permission form it states that it would not impact the family's existing benefits or impact their access to any services, however when the AEA bills for school based services it may interfere . . . read more

60 Day Timeline

Brandy Folken 9/5/06 Example: Student moves in from Chicago with an Initial IEP, do we put the evaluation/consent & meeting dates in the fields for the 60 day timeline, or do they stay blank since Iowa did not staff the child . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Brandy Folken 9/5/06 When will we get more specific training on the ECO Summary Forms?       Michelle Tressel 9/5/06 At this time, no further training related to the ECO Summary . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Keely Ruby 9/1/06 We received Early Childhood Outcome Summary (ECOS) instruction on 02/24/2006. This instruction was for Initial IEP/IFSP's. We were told we did not have to go back and enter those dated prior to 02/24/2006. That . . . read more

Transition Planning

Patti Brown 8/31/06 I have an IEP for a student who is incarcerated. Within the text of this IEP it states that transition planning is not required for students who will age out of eligibility before they are released from prison. . . . read more

Early Childhood Outcomes

Teresa Stabler 8/29/06 Would it be possible for the ECO forms to include the Duration To and Duration From dates? Sometimes the IEP or IFSP form is not included with the ECO.       Toni . . . read more

45 Day Trial Out

Shelley White 8/18/06 I thought when entering a 45 day trial out we were to leave the Alternate Assessment and LRE the same as it was on the last IEP and not to enter 0 (unless it was 0 on the last IEP). Also in the Plan screen . . . read more

Meeting Type

Shelley White 8/18/06 On the Plan Review screen under the Meeting type options, E for Exit is listed as one of the choices. Please clarify.       Dennis Dykstra 8/18/06 E for . . . read more

Uniform Data Entry Procedure: Exit

Shelley White 8/18/06 In regard to Uniform Data Entry Practice Exit…I have reservations about the proposal for not entering the exit IEP in the plan screen. This would be documentation/historical data that the exit meeting was . . . read more


Donna Dannar 8/12/06 Regarding the Uniform Data Entry Practices: LRE I know the minutes indicate that Tom is going to check with Toni on the duration date issue with Amendments, but wanted to share some thoughts/concerns on the . . . read more


Lorna Schutz 8/12/06 We have a fear that if the LREs are left blank for any age, that just looking at it will not tell us whether an LRE is being investigated, missed, or is suppose to be blank. We used to have the option of "NA" . . . read more

60 Day Timeline

Donna Dannar 8/9/06 Regarding Length of Time between Consent for Evaluation & Determination of Eligibility... According to my memory and the minutes from the 2/24/06 training, this new procedure does not apply to children who . . . read more

Resident District

Michelle Tressel 7/24/06 (This question was submitted by an unidentified person at the In-Person meeting in April.) How can we decide "legal parent district" if we have 3 parents listed on the IEP versus parent, relative, group . . . read more


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